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Presentation2 – Graph theory

Basic Graph theory


Presentation 1 – NFA


Daily image – 3/17/2016

This is a 5 sided Mandelbrot fractal that was zoomed in a bunch. Code help from: Nicholas Phillips.


5 sided Mandelbrot

Hi squids! This is Squiva here with a new blog post, and in this blog post I will be sharing my 5 sided Mandelbrot set (or as I like to call it, my Mandelstar). It didn’t take long, and I will post the code below after the image (NOTE: Some of this code was recycled code, but most of it was mine. Also, sorry about the low res :\).


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Julia set fractal[Java]

NOTE: This was done by both Nicholas Phillips, and I. This is a Julia set Fractal. The source code is below the image.

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Financial computing – Moving average[Python]

Hello friends. In this demo I will show how to calculate the moving average of a company’s stocks. In finance, this means the average of a section of stock volumes, which moves through every section of a company’s stock. In this demo, I will use AAPL(Apple)’s stocks.

Here is the demo:


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Basic GUI design with JavaFX

In this example, I will just put a picture and code up. The code is fairly self explainatory, and I am lazy.


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Financial computing- ADX tracking


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Hello everyone! This week I made something very cool. They are spriographs. They were programmed using parametric equations. Before I begin, I would like to explain what I was doing starting code wise. I made a JFrame, and JPanel first. I will provide code only for the material in the paint method!

Here are some spirographs:


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